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Talk to it, he does the rest

SmartCoding is a great way to make coding more efficient, it's the future. You don't have to type anything anymore, just say it. The app will understand all of your coding due to the enhanced built-in Speech Recognition Interface.

SmartCoding is also really easy to learn. Just use simple words as 'create, link or make' and he will fulfill your orders. There are also some standard phrases you can use like 'create basic structure'. This is the new way of coding.

HTML, CSS & jQuery, even easier

SmartCoding is enhanced with the latest developments in coding world. He will properly understand all HTML, CSS and jQuery language.

We are constantly updating our editor to make it the best there is. For example: SmartCoding will use Flexbox instead of floating for positioning your elements. It's way more responsive and effective. Become now a beta tester and discover it yourself!

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'Revolutionairy way of coding, this it is the future',